Queen Adelaide

A new breed of Burger Shack, our Shack-in-a-box takes up its first residency at the Queen Adelaide pub in Wandsworth. Flipping the classics outside in the popular garden of the pub, come and kick back alongside the good vibes of the Shack!

Queen Adelaide

35 Putney Bridge Rd, London SW18 1NP, United Kingdom

The Chilli

As if our monster classic combo wasn’t enough, we’ve loaded it up with pulled pork in a green chilli sauce with sour cream to make this behemoth of a burger.

The Classic

British beef burger topped with melted cheese, sweet Young's ale onions and pickles, served in a soft bun with ketchup and mayonnaise.

The Streaky

All the goodness of our unbeatable classic but topped off with rashers of maple-soaked streaky bacon from the butchery masters at Hepburn’s.

The Veggie

A veggie burger like no other. Crispy beetroot, fennel, lentil and mozzarella patty with lettuce, sour cream and pickles.


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